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Myq, the listener, and the universe...
Myq, the listener, and the universe...
Myq takes you, the listener, and himself, and the universe, all of which are one entity, on a journey of kindness, from challenges like love, death, and bathrooms...
Myq, the listener, and the universe...
he 17-track comedy album is about truth, love, and not murdering...
he 17-track comedy album is about truth, love, and not murdering...
The 17-track comedy album is about truth, love, and not murdering, guaranteed to appeal to all the not-murdering enthusiasts out there. A.K.A. was named by Myq Kaplan, AKA Mike Kaplan (named by himself and by someone else [namely his parents, another part of the universe that he is also a part of] respectively).
he 17-track comedy album is about truth, love, and not murdering...


Myq Kaplan is a comedian named Mike Kaplan. He has performed on the Tonight Show, Conan, the Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Seth Meyers, the Late Late Show with James Corden, in his own half-hour Comedy Central Presents special, and in his own one-hour special on Netflix and now Amazon, “Small, Dork, and Handsome.” He has been a finalist on Last Comic Standing and recently appeared on America’s Got Talent. His debut album “Vegan Mind Meld” was one of iTunes’ top 10 comedy albums of the year, and his latest album “A.K.A.” is out May 8. Thanks for reading all this. You’re very nice.

Enjoy reading, watching, listening, thinking, laughing, and whatever else you’re doing. Or not doing. You’re an autonomous being. Have fun being and/or doing!


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The Comedy Bureau

“Over the years, we hope you might have been as lucky as we have been in seeing Myq Kaplan evolve as a comedian. His latest album, No Kidding, is, thus far, the pinnacle of that evolution.

Starting from his early years with impressive feats of verbal and linguistic acrobatics, Myq has now worked his way to presenting a very colorful, dazzling tapestry of who he really is a person, comedian, and artist. He has got a big following in the autistic community, defends not having kids, and explores the virtues of certain drugs. That’s just the tip of the ice berg that you get off of No Kidding. Of course, there are still plenty of threads of top shelf wordplay and clever callbacks that tie that tapestry together.

This might just be, as we mentioned up top, his best hour yet.”


No Kidding expands on both Kaplan’s catalog and his performance style. His swift and layered delivery of punchlines and tags is still there, but fans will notice that those classic Kaplan skills are now being utilized to compliment a more narrative set with longer, more story-like bits.


“The word that comes to mind when thinking about Myq Kaplan’s comedy is “tight,” but as it’s used in a musical context — a musician that has complete control of their craft, one who knows how and where the pieces fit together, never missing a beat. The content on No Kidding comes across as so skilled that it almost seems scientifically methodical. Kaplan’s persona and comedic timing mesh superbly with tracks that fit together like pieces in a puzzle, as jokes play off of each other in a wonderful interplay. But despite the practiced nature of Kaplan’s humour, it never comes across as stiff or unyielding. The comedy is still loose and silly, keeping everything fresh and unpredictable.”

Check Out Myq’s Previous Albums

Small, Dork and Handsome

Watch Myq Kaplan: Small, Dork and Handsome Online


The Spit Take
“bizarre, crazy, heady, priceless stuff”

The Laugh Button
“whip-smart wordplay and rapid-fire delivery”

“Myq Kaplan’s ‘Small, Dork and Handsome’ is a win for comedy fans, vegans, America… and for him”

“Small, Dork and Handsome stands strong among Kaplan’s other releases, carrying all the delight ofVegan Mind Meld (2010) and Meat Robot (2013); however, what appears different is the heavy amount of growth and conviction that one year of honing your craft can do for an artist. This is not to say that his other releases were taken as subpar in any way, but the comedian’s undeniable development in such a brief amount of time is rather fascinating. In short, what I’m saying is the 2014 release is undoubtedly his strongest yet.”

Under the Gun Review
“One of my favorite aspects of Myq Kaplan is how utterly intelligent his material is, while at the same time possessing a delightful silliness to it.”

“Kaplan never falters, not even when he’s off and running on a seemingly silly tangent. There is always a greater plan in store, and before you know it, Kaplan’s brought you full circle, leaving you almost awestruck.”

Available on iTunes and Amazon

Meat Robot

Myq’s latest album, Meat Robot, released June 11!

Meat Robot finds Kaplan delving into his grandmother’s attempts to make grammar fun, how to avoid being axe-murdered and his love for fake meat names. The fast-paced, side-splitting stand-up album also finds the comedian touching topics like “Open Relationships and Tigers,” “Chuck Norris and Owls,” and “Super Mario and Will Smith.”

Vegan Mind Meld

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Religious Fiction (Track 3)

Ducks and Vegetarianism (Track 5)

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