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Last Comic Standing Finalist Myq Kaplan Tour


Comedian Myq Kaplan

Myq Kaplan is a comedian named Myq Kaplan (pronounced “Mike”). He is a 2010 Last Comic Standing Finalist and has appeared on the Tonight Show, the Late Show with David Letterman, Comedy Central Presents, Conan, and many other places that you might not care about. You can listen to Myq’s podcast, Hang Out With Me, on the Keith and The Girl network. His debut CD, Vegan Mind Meld, was one of iTunes’ top ten best-selling comedy albums in 2010, followed by Meat Robot in 2013 and the upcoming Small Dork and Handsome in 2014.

The Comedians magazine calls him “a comedy machine, in the best possible way. the way that some machines vend soda or prevent other machines from killing future revolutionaries – that’s how Myq Kaplan does comedy: relentlessly, methodically, unblinkingly.”

Enjoy reading, watching, listening, thinking, laughing, and whatever else you’re doing. Or not doing. You’re an autonomous being. Have fun being!

Myq’s latest album, Meat Robot, released June 11!

Meat Robot finds Kaplan delving into his grandmother’s attempts to make grammar fun, how to avoid being axe-murdered and his love for fake meat names. The fast-paced, side-splitting stand-up album also finds the comedian touching topics like “Open Relationships and Tigers,” “Chuck Norris and Owls,” and “Super Mario and Will Smith.”

Vegan Mind Meld

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Religious Fiction (Track 3)

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Ducks and Vegetarianism (Track 5)

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