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Listen to Myq on the Internet Radio (updated with third and fourth appearances)

Myq was a guest on Keith and the Girl. Listen to episodes 819, 848, 897, and 909. Or others. But those are the ones he’s on. They’re fun(ny). And go(od).

Here are things that were said about Myq, Myka, and Micah on the KATG website’s forum here:
“Myq and Myka were great.”
“The guests were very funny.”
“The two guests were awesome, haven’t laughed out loud like that in a while.”
“The show was hysterical, one of my favorites.”
“Those guests are aces 10, fuggin hilarious. I’ve heard every KATG show and I don’t remember Keith laughing so hard or so often at a guest as he was at some of the stuff Myq was coming out with, that sounded like one of the best times he’s had for a while.”
“Loved Myq and Myka. Laughed so hard while at a stoplight that I scared some kid walking down the street.”
“Great show.”
“Great stuff.”
“Myq was great, really funny and quick with the funnies. Aces high.”
“Any one check out Myq’s Blog It’s pretty high-la-rious.”
“I’m really loving Myq as a guest. His humor is spot-on.”
“Myq’s one liners were hilarious.”
“Loved the show, and now love myq even more! The two guests are probably the best at using callbacks that are actually funny.”
“Really funny and I looked like a damn fool laughing as I was applying makeup in traffic this morning.”
“Myq brought the fire.”
“What a top notch guest!”
“Myq just doesn’t miss a beat.”
Also, come to the Micah/Myq Club at the PIT on March 6 at 11pm! If you want! And can!