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Myq’s CD Was Recorded! Stay Tuned for More Details!

This post had information about how to get tickets for the recording.

Now you can only see that information with a time machine.

You can also use that time machine to go see the show. May 18, 2009 at 8pm.


Myq is Cast in a Pod

Listen to comedian Jon Fisch’s “In the Tank.”

(His name is “Fisch” which sounds like “fish,” and fish live in tanks!
When they’re captured and not permitted to live freely in the oceans, rivers, or lakes that are their habitat of choice.)

Listen to comedians in this unnatural environment!


The Comedians Magazine, Round TWO!

You might remember a recent piece in The Comedians magazine written about Myq.

Well, forget about memory, and enjoy a current piece in The Comedians magazine written BY Myq:

Click here! (Then read.)

PS A few editorial changes were made from the piece’s initial incarnation, so if any part lacks maximum grammar or humor, assume that is why.


Myq Made “March Madness” Master

“Winner” would probably be a more appropriate word than “master,” but then the initials wouldn’t have spelled out “Mmmmm!” (unless the “w” in winner was turned upside-down).

Point is, there was a comedy contest held at Caroline’s on Broadway in NYC, patterned after a college basketball event of the same name.

Which means that now, as the champion, it’s time to join the NBA of comedy.

You can read some things about it about it here, here, here, here, and here in the New York Post.

Thanks everyone!