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May 6, 2009


In the Boston Globe, Discussing Comedy, Relationships, and the AltCom Fest

The article is called “Roasts of Girlfriends Past.”

The AltCom Fest is called the “Alternative Comedy Festival.”


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  1. May 7 2009

    “Kaplan’s a classy guy when it comes to his comedy.” Nice backhanded compliment there! When it comes to everything else = Kaplan is disgusting.

    I really like to give backhanded compliments about people’s backhands. “That was a pretty good backhand considering you suck at tennis!” Yup, that’s fun.

  2. admin
    May 7 2009

    Nice shot, Matt.

    But even though you may have more points, I still have love.

    Nice old joke, Myq. Ahh, got me. Who gets the points there?

    Sincerely though, I accept your challenge to a game of tennis. Or table tennis, even.

    I will prove that I am not disgusting when it comes to playing ping-pong, that in fact, I am a player with class, and I will prove your initial assessment of my class incorrect (despite being logically sound).

    And I will win this game that no one is playing.

    Advantage, someone.

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