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Corn! Cobb’s! Pipe dreams! (an interview)

Check out this interview at 7× (I guess was already taken, sorry about the math*).

It covers all kinds of topics that were advertised in the title above…
A) Pipe dreams (doing comedy)
B) Cobb’s Comedy Club (shows there all this weekend)
C) Corny jokes (that might just be about the title of this entry… a corny joke about corn, like two mirrors both reflecting corn infinitely forever…)
D) And much, much more! Divorce! Guitar! Babies! Comic books! Demons!

Read and/or come to shows in San Francisco if you’re there or can get there by Sunday!
Enjoy everything!

* Not really sorry about the math, almost ever.


Chick it out!

Myq recently entered a figurative henhouse where much was discussed, including animals, vegetables, and who knows however many kingdoms.

Are you too chicken to be checkin’ it out? Or not chicken enough?
Be exactly the right amount of bird, Goldi-Chicken.
Chick*, enjoy chicken joy!

* “Chick” meaning that you’re a chicken, whether you’re a dude or a chick, or a chyck if you’d rather.


Chewing the (Non-Animal-Based) Fat #2

One Green Planet now has a second interview piece up by one Myq Kaplan.

It features friend and comedian Josh Gondelman.