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Sklarred For Life (A Podcast!)

Check out the latest episode of Sklarbro Country, entitled “Citizen’s Sklarrest.”

(Sklarred For Life just means that this episode will be existing in life, forever.)


Putting the “On” in “Conan”


Freerange Nonfiction (Not Tales of Stove Giveaways)

Freerange is a fine organization, and here is a fine interview that they are responsible for.


Sacramento and Co(nan Coming Soon)

From a TV near you to a computer near you…

Watch Conan this Wednesday!

But if your appetite is too whetted to wait, hopefully this can tide you over until then…
(PS since tides are watery, all this needs to do is get you from whetted to wetted. Enjoy your wetted bliss.)

This is a morning show in Sacramento called “Sacramento and Company.”

(Or they scammed me, but did a great job setting it all up, which is equivalent enough.)


New VegNews News!

The current issue of VegNews magazine features nine comedic vegans. Guess who one of them is!
(Or guess all of them and get extra credit. Or buy the magazine and you don’t have to guess.
Money can’t buy love or happiness, but it can buy a magazine and an end to guessing games.)