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Online Headline: Myq Headlines Caroline’s (Thurs, 9/22/11)

This Thursday, September 22, at 10pm!

Caroline’s on Broadway is a wonderful club. Come to it! But first, call and make a reservation with the code “MYQ” to get cheaper tickets.

Here is something you can click on for more information. Have fun!
(But not so much fun that you forget to come to the show. I may be overestimating how much fun it is to click things.)


Never Not Funny (a podcast that is always funny), and other funny funs and fun funnies

Several podcasts have been recently recorded and released. Excitement!

Here is a lovely chat with Mr. Jimmy Pardo and Mr. Matt Belknap: Never Not Funny.

Here is a different lovely chat with a young woman whose maiden name is Laime: Totally Laime.

And here is an informative (and also lovely) chat about relationships: Offstage Podcast.

More to come, it is likely!


Myq Loves “Doug Loves Movies”

And here he is on it.

You can love it, too.

(Though you are not mandated to do so. Just encouraged.)


Digest this, readers!

A certain magazine has a certain piece in it which includes words from a certain comedian.

(A dozen or so certain comedians, actually. Enjoy!)