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Wrote a Book of Kidding/Jokes for Joking Kids!

A joke book for children has been (co)-created!

You may read all about it by clicking here!

You may read all OF it by purchasing it after clicking there.
Or probably some other ways if you’re resourceful.

Good luck!


A Video About Eating Italian Food Starring an Actress Allergic to Tomatoes and Wheat

Also I am in it.

Check it out. If you dare. Or want. Or want to be daring.

(Click above where the color is different.)


Into Viewing Interviews? In a few/in two for you.

Interview #1: on the streets of NYC, talking about veganism, upcoming musical comedy shows that are being recorded live in Boston next month, and time travel (so you can get to next month sooner if you like).

Interview #2: conducted over the phone by one guy, then transcribed by another guy, then double-checked for accuracy by this guy, so enjoy this game of telephone, literally and figuratively.


Chewing the (Non-Animal-Based) Fat #4

One Green Planet has a new inter­view up between one Myq Kaplan and one Joe List.

Enjoy! Or else!*

* Threat non-binding.