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I have launched a Kickstarter for a new music album. No joke! (That’s why it’s not funny. See?)


You may know me as the comedian whose website this is, but did you also know that I am a musician because people can be and do more than one thing? It’s true probably!

I’ve actually been playing music my whole life and writing songs for more than half of it, and have launched a Kickstarter to raise funds to produce a non-comedy music album, something I haven’t done in a while.


If that’s the kind of thing you want to learn more about, click these words here!

At the very least, you get to read some more words that I’ve written, which, judging by the fact that you’re reading these words, is something that you enjoy doing, or at least are all right with, or tolerate!

So, thanks for reading these and those, possibly donating, and spreading the word as you see fit. You’re nice and I like you.


My Friend Joe Karg Painted Me, See? Happy All-the-Days!

Joe Karg painting of Myq (me)


Houston! We have a non-problem! (It’s an interview! Prior to my coming to Houston!)

houston! we have a non-problem!

i’ve been interviewed by your free press, in advance of my show in your fine town on monday december 14th.

also, everyone who’s NOT in houston, you can read it too. the words should be informative and entertaining enough regardless of geography.
to anyone who’s neither in houston NOR not in houston, congratulations! you’re a quantum faction! or a quantum fiction! or a fiction faction!

Words of the Years! A new podcast with Zach Sherwin and me! And words! And years! (You get it?)

Friends! Fans! Fellow humans! Robots! Non-robots! Clowns! Everyone and everything! An announcement:

Good friend and wonderful comedian rapper Zach Sherwin and I have a new limited podcast series on!

It’s called Words of the Years and it can be heard with your ears (a fun rhyme)!



Today’s Totally Terrific Tantalizingly Tallied Top Ten Tour Tale Topics! Take 16!

Day 16: To rove ‘er? Tour over!
1) Recorded a web video and podcast with Emily Moran Barwick of Bite Size Vegan ( and her dog (her on purpose, her dog incidentally). Look/listen for those soon!
2) Bought some used books and a soon-to-be-used Peruvian shirt at some fun Northampton shops.
3) Ate some delicious food at BELA Vegetarian Restaurant. You better BELA-ieve it! (What’s the difference between “you better believe it” and “you’d best believe it”? Is “best” better than “better”? Both seem good. Or better than good.)
4) Drove to Latham, NY for the final show of the tour! Checked into our suite, which was bigger than many apartments. Two bedrooms, a jacuzzi, one bed so tall it came with stairs that were also drawers, the list goes on! (Or stops there, actually.)
5) Did the final wonderful show with super host Greg Aidala, funny friends Brendan Fitzgibbons and Lance Weiss of “Gandhi Is That You” (an awesome show that happens every Wednesday in both NYC and LA), and more!
6) Went out for dessert with cousins who lived in the area. For dessert, I had a veggie burger. I DON’T KNOW WHAT “DESSERT” MEANS. IT MEANS, ALREADY ATE DINNER AND NOW IS OTHER FOOD, RIGHT?
7) Went back to the sweet suite and had some sweet sweets. Double and triple dessert! Ate dinner leftovers, and then finished off the chocolates we’d gotten earlier (chocolates we’d… different than weed chocolates).
9) Slept. Woke. Drove home to NYC. Are there now. TOUR OVER!
10) Final tour rhymin’ for Kasey ‘pon arrivin’ for life in New York:

“brooklyn. now we are hooked in. soon for a new place we’ll brook to be lookin’. (maybe that usage of “brook” is mistooken.) just bought some food that we’re soon to be cookin’. you are unpacking your clothes and your books in a nook in a home that’s my own and yours too, kin. you are my family, one i love smoochin’, right on your face on your lips or your cute chin, and all down your body, your knees and your two shins, your feet in your boots or your shoes than you’re choosin’. you’re food for my thought or emotion i’m chewin’. i love to do me the way you do you-doin’. we’re headed away from all ruing and ruin, no coming unglued or unscrewed, no contusions/confusion/abuse, this caboose is choo-chooin’, as blessed as whenever someone is achooin’, the best, so for you here’s this wooin’ and cooin’, i can’t be subdued or uprooted, so i hope you’re amused as we’re fused in communion, i mean, in calm union, as much as we’re choosin’ to fuse, a calm fusion, a nice warmed up stew in a pot that we’re brewin’, all yayin’ no booin’, we’re stayin’ and movin’, my babe, you’re all moved in, so welcome to home in this york that you’re new in.”