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Reddit: Read it!

Just learned about something that should have been known for a while, a website called Reddit.

Still don’t know exactly what it is, but one thing that happens is people go on and answer questions that other people ask.

Click here to see me be one of those people.


Vegan Myth-Conceptions

A human being has written an article about myths and misconceptions of veganism.

One of them is about vegans being funny. Or not being funny.

You can read all about it here if you click, and can read.


Myq Tells a Story About Dancing Jews


Myq Has the Joke of Week in TimeOut NY



Myq’s CD on Top 10 Lists for Comedy Albums of the Year

Welcome to all those who might already have purchased Vegan Mind Meld (and welcome others who have yet to decide/e-newcomers/accidental web-tourists, etc.)…

If you haven’t gotten the album yet, some reasons why other people think it’s a good idea:
This is Punchline Magazine’s top ten list.
This is Balls to the Wall’s.
This is Showbiz Monkeys’.
This is Treblezine’s.
This is Cornfed Critic’s.
This is Dusted Magazine’s.
This is the Serious Comedy Site’s.
This is’s.
This is Dr. Bristol’s.

It also ended up being one of iTunes’ top 10 best-selling comedy CDs of the year.
(Though they don’t want me to show you a link. Or I couldn’t find one.)

Thanks! For reading/listening/enjoying/browsing/buying/supporting/writing/whatever you’re doing, whoever you are.