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Watch Myq on the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien

Myq Kaplan Stand-Up Comedy from Myq Kaplan on Vimeo.


Myq Wins NY’s Funniest Standup Competition

Thanks for coming and laughing and everything.

And thanks for writing about it, The Comic’s Comic.

Additional thanks to interviewing me regarding it, Caroline’s blog.


Good Day New York had a Good Night with Myq

Greg Kelly came out to see a show at Caroline’s on Broadway and discussed how good the day was on Good Day New York (even though it happened at night).

It says “Dustin Diamond” on the screen at first, but just you wait.


Myq’s Website is on Another Website!

Check it out!LOLBlips is all about “the world’s most popular humor news, videos, and blogs.”And now they’re talking about this site!And now this site is talking about them!Like a snake eating its tail! Or more like two snakes each eating the other’s tail. And the snakes are hilarious and/or informative.*So check out the site that this site is telling you about, which will tell you about this site.*

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Also check out our new joint venture website,, coming never to a nowhere near you.



Heard of Wikipedia? If you haven’t, click this link and Wikipedia will tell you all about itself.

Then, once you’ve heard of IT, find out that Wikipedia has heard of Myq Kaplan.