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I’m on the television’s website!

It’s not June 20 yet, but here’s a sneak peek that Comedy Central has put up on the internet:
Myq Kaplan – Final Destination
Joke of the Day Stand-Up Comedy Free Online Games

An interview!

People keep talking to and about Myq.

Like the Weekly Dig, here.


Best of Boston!

The latest issue of the Boston Phoenix has its Best of Boston awards.

Myq Kaplan is the Best Local Comedian.

Thanks to everyone who voted and helped make art a democracy like it should be.


Myq is written about! By someone other than himself!

Welcome to the website!

This appeared on the internet today:a blog about Myq by comedy writer-about Sean McCarthy.

Also this appeared in the paper AND internet today (double fancy):a brief blurb about Myq by comedy writer-about Nick Zaino.

Thanks for coming to Myq’s website to read about Myq on other websites.
Go, internet.

Also, if you’d like to receive messages about Myq and his comedy, fill in the form below.
If you already receive such messages, you can (and should*) join this mailing list also/instead, and leave the other group if you like.

(Also feel free to find Myq on Myspace and/or Facebook, where he has a group you can join also, if this isn’t enough.)

*By saying you “should,” it’s not to put an ethical judgment on people who don’t.
We’re talking about being practical here.
This is about what will help us all.

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Myq will be on Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham” on June 20 at 10pm!

Comedy Central is a cable station that broadcasts comedy to televisions and internets all around the world.

“Live at Gotham” is a show on that station that features standup comedians like me (and now not just comedians LIKE me, but also specifically me, along with some hilarious good friends of mine).

Gotham is a comedy club in New York City where the show was taped.

New York City is a city in the state of New York. “New York State of Mind” is a song by Billy Joel. Stream of consciousness is a style of writing.

Thanks for reading words on your screen!