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Houston! We have a non-problem! (It’s an interview! Prior to my coming to Houston!)

houston! we have a non-problem!

i’ve been interviewed by your free press, in advance of my show in your fine town on monday december 14th.

also, everyone who’s NOT in houston, you can read it too. the words should be informative and entertaining enough regardless of geography.
to anyone who’s neither in houston NOR not in houston, congratulations! you’re a quantum faction! or a quantum fiction! or a fiction faction!

Words of the Years! A new podcast with Zach Sherwin and me! And words! And years! (You get it?)

Friends! Fans! Fellow humans! Robots! Non-robots! Clowns! Everyone and everything! An announcement:

Good friend and wonderful comedian rapper Zach Sherwin and I have a new limited podcast series on!

It’s called Words of the Years and it can be heard with your ears (a fun rhyme)!



Brandeis Now interviewed me recently. Or Brandeis Recently interviews me NOW!


I was asked some questions and I answered them.

I like this interview! You can too.

Enjoy whatever you are doing. If you want.


Do You Like Reading Words? Here Are Some!

I was interviewed about Comedy Mutant here.


The Media on Me: Me on “On the Media.”

Look! A public radio show about robots happened.

Listen! I should have said “Listen!” instead of “Look!”

Hear here!