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Into Viewing Interviews? In a few/in two for you.

Interview #1: on the streets of NYC, talking about veganism, upcoming musical comedy shows that are being recorded live in Boston next month, and time travel (so you can get to next month sooner if you like).

Interview #2: conducted over the phone by one guy, then transcribed by another guy, then double-checked for accuracy by this guy, so enjoy this game of telephone, literally and figuratively.


I Sing, You Sing, We End Up in Sing-Sing

Once upon a time, there was a song.
And now upon a different time, here it is again!

Untitled from Myq Kaplan on Vimeo.

And we all lived happily ever after.
Until death took us. And then who knows.


MYQ” is a Yahoo Crossword Puzzle Answer! (Spoiler Alert)

Check it out!

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Thanks! (Last Last Comic Standing Post for Now Maybe)

Thanks to everyone who voted and kept me lasting and standing as a comic.
It means a lot to me. I’m truly happy to have made the top 5, and you made it happen.
Thank you, sincerely.

My most recent sets from the show:

And here is some press that has come out recently, interviews and such:
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Nerdist (talking to me)
Huffington Post
Friendly Atheist
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The Weekly Dig
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The Comic’s Comic
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Myq on Last Comic Standing

Here is Myq’s portion of this week’s episode.