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Chick it out!

Myq recently entered a figurative henhouse where much was discussed, including animals, vegetables, and who knows however many kingdoms.

Are you too chicken to be checkin’ it out? Or not chicken enough?
Be exactly the right amount of bird, Goldi-Chicken.
Chick*, enjoy chicken joy!

* “Chick” meaning that you’re a chicken, whether you’re a dude or a chick, or a chyck if you’d rather.


Use Your Ears (Several New Podcasts) and Eyes (A Video)

Right now, those are the only senses you can use to perceive Myq over the internet.
(Touch, smell, and taste are available in person, but not for everyone.)

In any event, check out The Biggest MistakeCitizen Radio , WICF, and/or this video.
(Citizen Radio starts being Myq-relevant around minute 25, for reference.)

Enjoy or otherwise!


MYQ on WTF (stands for Wonderful/Terrific/Fantastic)

Listen here.

(Or subscribe and download for free on Itunes.)Marc Maron’s WTF is an amazing podcast. You should listen to it always. Not just this one.

But feel free to start with this one.

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I Stream, You Stream, We All Stream for Ustream

Here are two clips from a Ustream show called Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend.
(The Myq Kaplan portion begins at minute 39 of the first video, and ends at minute whenever-Myq-leaves of the second video.)


Check Out the Check Spot

It’s a podcast.
Myq is featured on the latest episode.
Click there where the words look different.*

* A modern parallel of “leave a message after the beep.”