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My New Podcast: Broccoli and Ice Cream

Check it out for free on Apple Music here (and feel free to subscribe, rate, review, share with others, and live your whole life revolving around this podcast). Or if not iTunes, you can try Google Play or other places too, I bet.

Also, each week, a premium episode comes out via Kickstarter Drip here. Thanks for contributing, listening, enjoying, sharing, doing whatever you’re doing. Love and appreciation!

(Logo by the wonderful Ramin Nazer!)


New Album and New Late Late Night TV Appearance!

Hello! I have a new album called “No Kidding” (because I do not want children, and I do want jokes).

I went on the Late Late Show with James Corden to tell jokes and promote it!

Also, here are some nice reviews and interviews with and about it and me…



The Comedy Bureau!

Miss Manhattan!

Showbiz Monkeys!

Columbus Underground!

NPR in NC!

The Boston Globe!

And the place to get the album once more is… click here!

Thanks and love!


Many Mini Musics

My new music album exists!

You can get it on Bandcamp here.

The Laugh Button wrote a nice thing about it here.

And here is a lovely music video my friend Robert Potter made for one of the songs…


Conan! Me! 2016! You! Everyone! Magic! Whee!