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The New York Post inspires a new Myq post

America’s best comics tell the Post the 50 funniest jokes they know.”


First Joke of the Week of the Year in Timeout NY

Check it out. (By clicking here.)


More to watch

Enjoy more video that Comedy Central took of me while I was being live at Gotham.
Myq Kaplan – Anti-Drug Dog
Joke of the Day Stand-Up Comedy Free Online Games

I’m on the television’s website!

It’s not June 20 yet, but here’s a sneak peek that Comedy Central has put up on the internet:
Myq Kaplan – Final Destination
Joke of the Day Stand-Up Comedy Free Online Games

Myq comes in second in the Boston Comedy Festival

Myq competed in the finals of the Boston Comedy Festival this weekend.
He came in second place. He is happy.

Here is something that said about Myq’s performance in his preliminary round: “Kaplan was going in as a local favorite, and he definitely exhibited one of the most polished stage presences of the night.”

Here is something that said about Myq’s performance in the finals: “Bostonist Honorable Mentions go to Myq Kaplan and Robert Mac. Judging from the applause streaming Kaplan’s way, either he brought a busload of friends, or he is one of the most beloved comedians in this city. He also deserves propers for cooking up some of the most clever jokes of the night.”

(a little passive aggressive, but mostly nice… thanks, Bostonist)
PS There were over 700 people in the audience. So even a busload of people would only have been a small fraction thereof, as most buses fit what, like 50 people? (I don’t know much about bus math.)