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Posts from the ‘Vegan Mind Meld’ Category


A CD, see? A cheap deal, si!

So amazing that it could not be contained in only one language…

Amazon has lowered the price of Vegan Mind Meld, for what is likely a limited time.

Go for it! Merry season of merriment!

PS I know that a digital download is not technically a “CD,” or IS it? Maybe it’s the most compact of all the discs, so compact that it has no physical form at all, existing in a singularity like a black hole created by a CD star bursting.


Happy Buy-Something Time!

A lovely website has suggested that people buy a certain comedy CD for this holiday season, along with a number of other things that are not a certain comedy CD.

Thanks to Pomp (the website) and the people who obey them (you?)!


Into Viewing Interviews? In a few/in two for you.

Interview #1: on the streets of NYC, talking about veganism, upcoming musical comedy shows that are being recorded live in Boston next month, and time travel (so you can get to next month sooner if you like).

Interview #2: conducted over the phone by one guy, then transcribed by another guy, then double-checked for accuracy by this guy, so enjoy this game of telephone, literally and figuratively.


A Talking Animal (Me) Talks About Animals (Them) to Listening Animals (You)

Our Hen House has done an interview that you can listen to right here, right now!

Or right there, right later. Or right whenever.

All right? Whatever!


Freerange Nonfiction (Not Tales of Stove Giveaways)

Freerange is a fine organization, and here is a fine interview that they are responsible for.