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Chick it out!

Myq recently entered a figurative henhouse where much was discussed, including animals, vegetables, and who knows however many kingdoms.

Are you too chicken to be checkin’ it out? Or not chicken enough?
Be exactly the right amount of bird, Goldi-Chicken.
Chick*, enjoy chicken joy!

* “Chick” meaning that you’re a chicken, whether you’re a dude or a chick, or a chyck if you’d rather.


Pandora Or Panda? (Pandora)


Comedy by Myq Kaplan now exists on Pandora internet radio! Click! See!

My apologies if you were hoping that Myq Kaplan’s comedy was being done by pandas.

That would have been way cooler and rarer, because the internet is not endangered.

Nor is it adorable.

But it is Pandorable!
(And more pan-durable? Sorry about all this Pandora-bull.)


Myq’s CD on Top 10 Lists for Comedy Albums of the Year

Welcome to all those who might already have purchased Vegan Mind Meld (and welcome others who have yet to decide/e-newcomers/accidental web-tourists, etc.)…

If you haven’t gotten the album yet, some reasons why other people think it’s a good idea:
This is Punchline Magazine’s top ten list.
This is Balls to the Wall’s.
This is Showbiz Monkeys’.
This is Treblezine’s.
This is Cornfed Critic’s.
This is Dusted Magazine’s.
This is the Serious Comedy Site’s.
This is’s.
This is Dr. Bristol’s.

It also ended up being one of iTunes’ top 10 best-selling comedy CDs of the year.
(Though they don’t want me to show you a link. Or I couldn’t find one.)

Thanks! For reading/listening/enjoying/browsing/buying/supporting/writing/whatever you’re doing, whoever you are.


Myq is Animated

Watch! Enjoy! Tell others that you watched and enjoyed!
Let’s make it travel like a virus!
(But one that will be immediately cured by the best medicine of laughter.
So no one gets hurt. Unless they slap their knee too hard. Or bust a gut.
Or some other metaphorical item that becomes literal.)
Thanks for watching! Here it is:


CD Exists, Order Physical Copy Here or Mental Copy Elsewhere

Check it out! In your cart. And then check out. And you will soon have a physical CD.
(If you live outside the US, please contact for more information.)

Or, if physical is not your thing (if you live outside the US, go nuts, internet is everywhere!)…
Click here to order a non-physical thing from Itunes.

And if you want to know more…

Click here to read a review by Stagetime Magazine.
“A verbal gymnast, Kaplan shreds the English language into polygons and injects them into your brain with a side of tolerance, human decency, social responsibility, artistic integrity, intellectual ambition, and other manifestations of the atheist-Jew vegetarian agenda.”
“And his jokes are really funny!”
“These are very exciting times for intelligent hilarity.”

Click here to read a review by Punchline Magazine.
“An amalgam of mischief, sarcasm and brains, Myq Kaplan puts the “smart” in smart-ass…
A showman, not a showoff, Kaplan uses his word power for goodness, nay greatness.”

Click here to read a review by The Serious Comedy Site.
“This is clean, smart, adult oriented comedy…
There is a hell of a lot to enjoy on this Myq Kaplan CD and enjoy it you certainly will.”

And from Boatierra on Twitter
“My Myq Kaplan comedy CD arrived! I just finished listening to it and laughing my ass off!!Holy McMoly, wickedly smart and funny :)”