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Myq Has the Joke of Week in TimeOut NY



ECNY Article in TONY. ENJOY.

Myq and other nominees are profiled here.

UPDATE: Myq won the Emerging Comic award.

Thanks for voting, and congrats to the other nominees:
Dan St. GermaineMike LawrenceBrent SullivanKate McKinnon, and Thomas Middleditch.


Year in Review (Watch Myq’s Head and Shoulders in 2010)

Punchline Magazine writes “Myq Kaplan: Comic to Watch in 2010.”
(Plus many more words elaborating, which you can read when you click.)

Time Out New York’s year-end comedy review says “Cerebral stand-up Myq Kaplan and heartwarming storyteller Adam Wade sit head-and-shoulders above their peers [as] most promising young talents.”

Thanks, nice publications!

PS Bonus link to click on here: Caroline’s blogger interviews Myq about his 2009 NY’s Funniest Standup win.


Just Got Back from Just For Laughs

Here are things that have been written about the past week’s shows in Montreal:

Time Out NY says, “Among the 18 stand-ups, there were four standouts: Mike Bridenstine from L.A. and Chicago, Andy Ritchie from Austin, and New York’s Pete Holmes and Myq Kaplan (but we already knew that).”

Dead-Frog says, “Later at New Faces 1, first-up Myq Kaplan stole the show early with fast-paced language-play that tackled religion, technology, the dubious legacy of “Final Destination” and begged for repeat listens.”

From the Back of the Room says, “It’s rare to watch a young comic be somewhat improvisational and have it not come across as sloppy. He opened with 2 jokes, one visual in response to one of Alex Koll’s gags, and another in reference to a joke told by host Adam Hills. Always risky, but it worked and certainly endeared the crowd to him.

The Boston Phoenix says, “Kaplan, who was up first, completely nailed it. He’s of the word-nerd school of comedy, and, though the material he delivered last night was mostly tweaked versions of jokes he’s been telling for years, his delivery, his demeanor, has completely matured. Voice is lower and calmer, pace is slower, punchlines are more confident. In just a few years, Kaplan has gone from the twerp in the front row of calculus to the superlative class clown. He’s ready for prime time.”

Punchline Magazine says, “Boston and New York City-based comic MYQ KAPLAN ended the show. For the past few years Kaplan has carved out a small place in the national comedy scene, consistently impressing comedy fest audiences and contest judges; he recently won the New York Comedy Contest, and for good reason. Kaplan will never be the flashy, blow-up comedy star of the country. But I think it’s safe to say, that with his lightning fast mind, understated demeanor and his advanced joke writing ability, Kaplan eventually will become not unlike a Ted Alexandro— well-respected and well-liked for his considerable talents— but a bit too smart and subtle to be loved by millions. Kaplan will be MC-ing for Louis CK at Carolines in New York this weekend; it’s quite a bonus for what will prove to be an awesome show.”

Mike Bridenstine says, “Myq Kaplan…is hilarious and a really cool guy.” (Mike, a fellow New Faces comic, is also hilarious and really cool. And a guy.)


First Joke of the Week of the Year in Timeout NY

Check it out. (By clicking here.)