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Wrote a Book of Kidding/Jokes for Joking Kids!

A joke book for children has been (co)-created!

You may read all about it by clicking here!

You may read all OF it by purchasing it after clicking there.
Or probably some other ways if you’re resourceful.

Good luck!


Look on the Brighter Side (It’s Easier to See There)

Comedian Steve Hofstetter interviews comedians, including me, here. Enjoy!

(The recommended way to achieve enjoyment is to click above and then read.
But you are welcome to use your imagination as well. Enjoy enjoying however you enjoy!)


MYQ” is a Yahoo Crossword Puzzle Answer! (Spoiler Alert)

Check it out!

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CD Exists, Order Physical Copy Here or Mental Copy Elsewhere

Check it out! In your cart. And then check out. And you will soon have a physical CD.
(If you live outside the US, please contact for more information.)

Or, if physical is not your thing (if you live outside the US, go nuts, internet is everywhere!)…
Click here to order a non-physical thing from Itunes.

And if you want to know more…

Click here to read a review by Stagetime Magazine.
“A verbal gymnast, Kaplan shreds the English language into polygons and injects them into your brain with a side of tolerance, human decency, social responsibility, artistic integrity, intellectual ambition, and other manifestations of the atheist-Jew vegetarian agenda.”
“And his jokes are really funny!”
“These are very exciting times for intelligent hilarity.”

Click here to read a review by Punchline Magazine.
“An amalgam of mischief, sarcasm and brains, Myq Kaplan puts the “smart” in smart-ass…
A showman, not a showoff, Kaplan uses his word power for goodness, nay greatness.”

Click here to read a review by The Serious Comedy Site.
“This is clean, smart, adult oriented comedy…
There is a hell of a lot to enjoy on this Myq Kaplan CD and enjoy it you certainly will.”

And from Boatierra on Twitter
“My Myq Kaplan comedy CD arrived! I just finished listening to it and laughing my ass off!!Holy McMoly, wickedly smart and funny :)”



Check out the comic of the week this week on Stupid Ass Questions (a website where stupid asses ask questions and smart ones answer them, I believe*).

Here is the question (and answer) of the day.

*Also possible: the site is full of questions about asses, and those questions are stupid.