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June 24, 2015

Today’s Totally Terrific Tantalizingly Tallied Top Ten Tour Tale Topics! Take 12!

by Myq Kaplan

Day 12: the east coast! almost there!

1) Went to sleep in Huntsville. Before bed, Kasey watched the rest of a Daredevil episode that SHE had fallen asleep through the night before. Not me! She! We’re the same!

2) Woke up in Huntsville (phew! would be weird if I didn’t) and we hit the road for Greenville, SC, aka Shaheenville! (My friend Nick Shaheen from Greenville set up the show there, and he’s great, like a whole town full of greatness!)

3) Checked into our hotel in Greenville. Heard a man in front of us who was having a rough day say to the clerk, “If you had the kind of day I had, you’d be down at the corner looking for the crack-man.” I don’t think this man had any real experience with crack-people. But I hope he’s having a better day today.

4) Went to Whole Foods. Stocked up on food for the next day’s drive, and food for our current stomach situations. The future and the present! Two out of the three times that don’t really exist because only now does and maybe even not that!

5) Didn’t go to Trader Joe’s as well because maybe we didn’t have time to get to the show and also do that and I’m sorry Kasey that Whole Foods didn’t have the wasabi peas you wanted but I love you.

6) Went to the Warehouse Theatre where my show would happen shortly. Did a brief interview with a local reporter. “Did she ask fun questions that you enjoyed answering?” “Yes she did.” “Were they as simple and straightforward as these?” “They were even better.” “What kind of journalism is this? Self-journalism? Is that a thing?” Sure, why not, triple question/answer!”

7) Did super fun show hosted by the aforementioned Nick Shaheen, featuring lovely comedians/people/friends new and old Cary Goff, Minori Hinds, and Ismail Loutfi. The show also featured a wonderful audience. (AS HAVE THE REST OF THE SHOWS ON THE TOUR. IF YOU WERE IN ONE OF THOSE AUDIENCES, YOU WERE ALSO WONDERFUL.)

8) Watched a couple Broad City episodes before going to sleep. THAT SHOW IS GREAT. DO YOU WATCH IT? RECOMMENDED!

9) Slept. Woke. Readying to leave Greenville. Just saw that Trader Joe’s opens at 8 and that’s when we’re hitting the road so maybe Kasey will get her wasabi peas after all!

10) And finally for now, a wasabi pea-based rhyme for Kasey…

“wasabi! hot like a tamale. also like your smile that i like providing you not like a job or a hobby, but just something i enjoy bobbing for like apples, you’re made from the best stuff on earth, just like snapple, and this rap’ll cover every aisle in the grocery store, or maybe not quite every, but listen closely more, and i’ll show you the score, which is nothing to nothing, or infinite to infinite, either way we’re tied, and we’re also tied with winning it, no limits, except for time and space and maybe not those, read my mind and face, and we’ll climb to places we can find with grace, like maybe trader joe’s now, i’m on the case! to put a smile on the face of my love, Kase…”


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