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June 26, 2015

Today’s Totally Terrific Tantalizingly Tallied Top Ten Tour Tale Topics! Take 14!

by Myq Kaplan
Day 14: it’s almost over!
1) Went to Nunu, the coffee place I go in my neighborhood in Brooklyn where I live! I’m home! I did it!
2) Did a fun comedy show called Fore. Get out of the way, it’s comedy!
3) Went to my friend Giulia Rozzi’s album taping! She did it! Someday you can hear it! I encourage it! She’s great!
4) Went home! Slept in MY BED. With MY GIRLFRIEND who lives with MY SELF. (Weird way to say it but that’s MY THING!)
5) Woke up. Did tai chi for the first time in a while. It’s still there!
6) Kasey got a bagel. She loves bagels!
7) Picked up my mail from when I was gone. The world has still been happening!
8) Came to Nunu again! Routine! Must be exciting to read! TOUR! Getting ready to head off to the final weekend of the tour officially!
9) Oh, here’s a fun thing I just found out… I have just been informed that I can tell the world that my audition is included in next week’s episode of #AGT on Tuesday, June 30th at 8/7c on NBC. Thanks for now knowing/caring/sharing/whatever you feel like doing. I can’t reveal the outcome, but I can tell you what i’ve told you and encourage you to watch! Thanks also for reading all the way to the end here!
10) And finally for today… “the shortest rhyme because you’re here with me and i adore this time.”


A neat flower in D.C.

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