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June 25, 2015

Today’s Totally Terrific Tantalizingly Tallied Top Ten Tour Tale Topics! Take 13!

by Myq Kaplan

Day 13: Now York City!

1) Drove 7.5 hours to Washington, DC. We are alive! Not DeCeased. Good name for Zombie George though: Washington DeCeased.
2) At dinner at Native Foods, a restaurant that Kasey knew from her native land of LA.
3) Did two real fun shows put on my Max Rosenblum’s Last Resort Comedy with old friend the hilarious Robert Mac and new friend the hilarious Natalie McGill and medium-lengthed friend (just right, in the parlance of Goldilocks) the aforementioned (and also hilarious) Max Rosenblum. Such a fun time!
4) Kasey made friends with some women at the show by pointing out that one of them had some toilet paper on her shoe. (The modern-day version of pulling a thorn from a lion’s paw.) Female solidarity!
5) I reiterate how great Robert Mac is, in order to also tell you you might very much enjoy his album, “Know More Robert Mac.” It’s fun to say! He says many things that are fun to hear.
6) Fell asleep during Daredevil once more. Wouldn’t be tour without it! Or would! But isn’t. Is? Woke up! Left for NYC at 7:30am in order to get rental car back in time. WILL IT HAPPEN? STAY TUNED TO THE LIST YOU’RE ALREADY READING! LIKE, KEEP READING. YOU’RE DOING IT. I’LL STOP DELAYING.
7) A confusing toll road, a GPS re-routing, undesirable traffic, people not driving perfectly, these are all things that might keep our heroes from returning the car in time! We arrive at my Brooklyn home around 12:30pm. We have to unload the rental, then go pick up MY car where I left it for the past week and a half, THEN get to the return location at LGA(irport) by 2pm. WILL WE DO IT? Suspense over. We did it! Got there at 1:53pm. NO LATE FEES! WHEEEEEE! THE TOUR IS A SUCCESS BY THIS MEASURE AND THIS MEASURE ONLY!
8) Rewarded ourselves with a wonderful lunch at Champ’s with dessert at Dun-Well Doughnuts (see picture! and reality if you can! delicious! Washington DeliCious… but in Brooklyn).
9) Returned home with the appropriate car (mine), showered, relaxed, and continued life. WE DID IT!
10) Finally for today, a welcome rhyme to Kasey from NYC and me (mostly me):
“you live here now, in now york city. you are so wow, you are so pretty. this is your town, this is your situation, this is no vacation, like an exploding nova ovation, i’m over-flowing with total elation, coinciding in cohabitation, the past is gone, obliteration, all amazing as awesome alliteration, no more antsy anticipation, just some fancy felicitations, so congratulations, mate-kins, welcome to this future we’re makin’!”
And so, is that the end of the tour blog? Not exactly! EPILOGUE BLOG COMING SOON! EPI-BLOG! We’re in NYC right now, but Friday and Saturday are two more shows that I’ve classified as “part of the tour” so a couple final days of this to come! Wheeeeeeee! It’s almost over! Dry your tears (of joy or the other thing). The future is almost!

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