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June 27, 2015

Today’s Totally Terrific Tantalizingly Tallied Top Ten Tour Tale Topics! Take 15

by Myq Kaplan
Day 15: Heart-ford!
1) Left NYC for the final leg of this tour! Picked up Shaun Eli along the way to Hartford.
2) Arrived at Infinity Hall in Hartford. A lovely venue! Big nice green room! With green apples! (Not sure if the apples were meant to match the room in color, but nice attention to detail if so.)
3) Did a super fun show with Shaun and other wonderful fun great comics Carmen Lynch and Ted Alexandro. Check them out, everyone! Ted has a wonderful web series called “Teachers Lounge.” (Which is a complete sentence with no apostrophe. Teachers DO lounge sometimes.)
4) Several old friends were at the show. One woman was there who had been a resident in the house I was an RA for in grad school. Rad! A+! RA. Rad. Grad. Letters! Words! Sweaters! Lord!
5) My friend Elyse from high school was also at the show, and after the show, Kasey and I drove to her home where we slept. We met her cats and baby.
6) In the morning, we woke and drove to Northampton. The crosswalks are rainbows! Why aren’t the crosswalks rainbows everywhere! It’s real fun! Also, congratulations to people who are happy about gay marriage and justice and progress and everything there is to be happy about.
7) Ate breakfast at the Green Bean. Didn’t have any green beans. DID have some greens and some beans, so I think that counts. Recommended!
8) Bought some vegan chocolates at Heavenly Chocolate inside Thorn’s in Northampton. Also, the word “thorn” is hidden in the word “Northampton.”
9) Had some tea at Dobra Tea. They have so many more teas than you could possibly try. They’re a tea tease. A TEAse. At ease. WORDS!
10) And in conclusion for now, a rhyme written for Kasey at the aforementioned tea-place (we’re a TEAm… she’s my tea-mate)… in Tea-minus 3… 2… 1…

“we’re in northampton, at a tea place that’s good for campin’ out, doing internet some chores and some other things, whatever comes, that’s our core anthem, sing it loud, drum it like thor’s hammerin’, shall i go on? you: “sure, more yammerin’!” thanks baby, i just adore your glamour and it’s beauty that might make me do more stammerin’ but i power through ’cause i’ve got pure adrenaline flowin’ through me so i can flow more like eminem, with synonyms or antonyms if i need be recantin’ ’em, recountin’ all the things there are to love of you, i’m chantin’ ’em, your countenance? enchanting like a mountain of chrysanthemums, a fountain full of dancing imps, each moment is a chance to win, i can’t begin to finish ’cause there’s only now, we’re in this, every second every minute, all the miles, all the inches, it’s a cinch, no dream, no need to pinch, agree? we’re free, we’re on a constant binge, there’s not a twinge or any hint of things much like a grinch, except for just how big his heart grew at the end, and that, my friend, is nothing that compares to how MY heart for you, i’m adamant, it cannot end, it’s not pretend, my love, constant examinin’ reveals the feels, the real appeal, the wheels that spin, the deals that win, from here in me to where you’re in, right now a tea place, this is THE place, here while we’re northampton-in’…”

Tiny rose tea in Massachusetts.

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