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August 12, 2008


Why Batman is Evil

by Myq Kaplan

Starring me and other comedians…(PS Batman isn’t evil. He’s fictional.)

Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil
Weekly Evil – Why Batman Sucks
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I also mentioned in my interview that Batman wasn’t the greenest-thinking hero. The Batmobile? Lots of emissions, probably. He’s acting locally, sure, but not thinking globally. Especially regarding globally warming. So the ice caps will melt and the city will flood and the only person who can save everyone? Mr. Freeze, who was put in jail by Batman.

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  1. Aug 23 2008

    I guess batman is too busy avenging his parent’s death via avenging other people’s death to worry about the environment

    okay, I am not really posting this comment because of batman. I admit it. I saw your last name and thought – hey that’s my last name – are we related? are you my long lost funny cousin? (none of my cousins are that funny so it would be nice) but there was no contact section so I was forced to make up some comment about batman and the environment and well – here we are.

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