Myq Kaplan - A.K.A

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Myq Kaplan’s newest comedy album, a recording of his critically-acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe Festival show A.K.A., is coming out May 8, 2020, on record label Blonde Medicine. In it, Myq takes you, the listener, and himself, and the universe, all of which are one entity, on a journey of kindness, from challenges like love, death, and bathrooms, through controversial topics like religion, politics, and Nickelback, into a spiritual land of ayahuasca, peace, and Kanye West, down the rabbit hole past all the turtles and back up again, covering everything there is, forwards and backwards and otherwise. A.K.A. was originally performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2018 as a solo show entitled All Killing Aside, and was met with positive reviews all around. The Scotsman said “This excellent debut grasps towards metaphysical profundity while also being deeply, stupidly silly. And it’s to Kaplan’s huge credit that there’s so little showiness in his often masterful display of wordplay and logic-bending musings.” The 17-track comedy album is about truth, love, and not murdering, guaranteed to appeal to all the not-murdering enthusiasts out there. A.K.A. was named by Myq Kaplan, AKA Mike Kaplan (named by himself and by someone else [namely his parents, another part of the universe that he is also a part of] respectively).

“Invigoratingly funny.”

– The New York Times

“A perfect fusion of the smart and the dumb, overthinking every topic to find not only great insight but also great jokes from his idiosyncratic questioning of the world.”

– Chortle

“A warm, funny and thought-provoking hour of stand-up that’s wonderfully heightened by Myq Kaplan’s addictive New York accent.”

– The List

“Kaplan dares you to keep up.”

– The New York Times

“A phenomena journey of a comedy album.”

– The Interrobang

“Myq Kaplan, yet again, makes his best yet.”

– The Comedy Bureau

“Myq challenges us to think about the next level of comedy.”

– Slate

“The kind of album that begs for repeated plays.”

– Comedy Cake

“Myq Kaplan can rifle off an impressive amount of punchlines per minute.”

– The Boston Globe