Vegan Mind Meld

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“A delight for anyone who enjoys a lot of laughs per minute and a lot of brains”

– Laughspin/Punchline Magazine

“Myq Kaplan’s debut album is a fast paced, joke filled frenzy of sorts. Kaplan is a master joke writer with a creative delivery: it’s lightning fast. Upon the 3rd time listening to this album I found new jokes I didn’t hear the 1st 2 times around. It’s almost like having bonus tracks interspersed throughout the album. He toys with the English language in creative and funny ways. He’s brainy, but not nerdy; edgy, but not filthy. Kaplan’s not afraid to use puns, sarcasm or self-deprecation to get his humor across. Even when his use of puns borders on overbearing, he brings it back by commenting on it, “We made it through the pun jungle everybody. …Or Pungle, if you will.” Great, funny album that has a very relistenable quality.”

– Lawson Comedy

“Fast paced, extremely witty and, above all else, funny.”

– Upon First Listen