Meat Robot

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“When it comes to the art of high-speed self-correction, you’d have a hard time finding someone better – and funnier – at it than Myq Kaplan.”

“This is a CD that you can listen to multiple times without it losing any of its original luster. The 4th time through is just as funny as the first and at many instances even funnier.”

“This CD is indeed many funs.”

– Comedy Reviews

“His humor is elevated, fast paced, and sharp.”

– Freerange Nonfiction

“Proving that there will always be market for intelligent humor, Kaplan’s new CD, “Meat Robot” (Comedy Central Records) will not only have you laughing your bougie ass off, but may also teach you a thing or two.”

“At the end of the day, Myq Kaplan’s “Meat Robot” is the perfect fix for nerds, whether you are a grammar nerd, a math nerd, or just an overall comedy nerd.”

– Under the Gun Review

“Meat Robot” is forty-six minutes of pure, unfiltered funny. Myq’s ability to keep the crowd on his side whilst delivering an endless stream of riffs, quips, and improv (all packed in the middle of his written material) is rather fascinating and remarkable to hear.”

– The Smoking Jacket

“With a master’s degree in linguistics to complement his blazing-fast wit and skill with wordplay, Kaplan’s sophomore release Meat Robot is a perfect answer to the question ‘What if somebody that’s incredibly smart also realized they’re really, really funny?’”


“A trustworthy ethos emerges from the mania of bursting and morphing jokes. While much of the set takes place in a silly, relaxed realm, it becomes apparent Kaplan is adeptly carving through the rapids towards the realization that in today’s world, calmness and clarity are not synonymous with stillness. Charged with the vigor of a chaotic inspiration Kaplan presents a type of calamitous order, bombarding himself with semi-serious questions of the time and disarming them with a cheeky intelligence.”

– Stagetime Magazine

“Kaplan is still a master deconstructionist… can still riff into oblivion…The lightning-fast comedian slows down to let his fans catch up.”

– The Onion AV Club

“…extremely funny…extremely odd…very intelligent…unique delivery style.”


“Myq Kaplan brings wit and intelligence accompanied by a fast-paced delivery… an air of yuppie meets thug arrogance…”

– America’s Comedy

“Myq Kaplan’s Meat Robot is one of the best comedy albums of 2013, so far.”

“Meat Robot, comedian Myq Kaplan’s new album strikes the perfect balance between intelligent observation and down right silliness. It’s a funny, addictive little gem– so dense with material that subsequent listens will undoubtedly be packed with jokes unheard the first time around.”

– Showbiz Monkeys

“Meat Robot” is a work of comic brilliance, one that tests the audience, but pays off on every single joke… Grade: A”

– PostGradMusicReviews