Small, Dork and Handsome

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“bizarre, crazy, heady, priceless stuff”

– The Spit Take

“whip-smart wordplay and rapid-fire delivery”

– The Laugh Button

“This is a really good album! It’s all new material, and those who’ve listened to Myq’s other albums (“Meat Robot” and “Vegan Mind Meld”) will see that his style continues to evolve in a really fun way. He still does the really tight wordplay, puns, and verbal misdirection that the other albums feature, but “Small, Dork and Handsome” feels even more polished and confident than the previous albums. And don’t worry if you haven’t heard the other two albums first – I think this would be a fine entry point to his oeuvre (though I might also recommend “Meat Robot” as a starting point).”

– Amazon Review: Zachary Miner

“Rapid-fire, smart comedy from a guy who occasionally works himself up into a frenzy and immediately calms himself with a mumbled aside, all in the matter of milliseconds. He’s a comedian who doesn’t slow down to make sure you’re keeping up but instead plows through at full speed and dares you to stay with him.”

“Kaplan has always been a smart comic and this time around he manages to delve deeper than ever before.”

“Myq Kaplan is a man of ideas. Most of them are punctuated with a laugh you didn’t see coming and some of them prove how Jews win things through math and/or trickery, but they all leave you wondering if these are the rantings of a madman or a comedy genius. The answer, of course, is yes.”

– Comedy Reviews

“Fans of comic Myq Kaplan (@myqkaplan on Twitter) will not be disappointed by his latest, Small, Dork and Handsome. Kaplan’s unique style, a rapid-fire clever verbal assault on the audience, lines nearly overlapping one another, seems to have intensified since his previous, Meat Robot.”

“As insightful as he is funny…”

“Though the two men couldn’t appear more disparate on the outside, this section still brought to mind the work of the late, great Patrice O’Neal, a towering comedy mind whose on-stage persona felt nearly infallible. Kaplan is in good comedic company, both intellectually and stylistically.”

“The experience of listening to Small, Dork and Handsome in one sitting felt akin to riding a roller coaster. At times reminiscent of the delivery of a young Robin Williams, we’re suddenly off and running, the breakneck pace never letting up until the album ends. The set so dense with material, I felt exhausted by the halfway point. Sure, I laughed on the first listen, but I laughed harder after exploring the tracks individually.

I have a feeling that Kaplan will one day write an ingenious Jack Handey-esque novel that will blow us all away. I say that, having made a similar prediction in the past. I’m saying it again, hoping to somehow will the book into creation.

Until then, we have Small, Dork and Handsome which, in the meantime, is a lovely and hilarious consolation.”

– ShowBizMonkeys

“Myq Kaplan is one of my favorites. So, get ready for a glowing review, because he didn’t get worse since I last heard his stand-up.

It’s so packed with jokes, so fast-paced, you could miss some of it. I’m tempted to start the CD fresh off of watching the special on Netflix just because I’m sure I already forgot some of the great jokes.

He’s great. You’re great if you’re reading this. Just go watch it now.

I give it 1 out of 1 total minute of this special that wasn’t packed with jokes. Almost literally. [100%]”

– Movie Phony

“Myq Kaplan’s ‘Small, Dork and Handsome’ is a win for comedy fans, vegans, America… and for him”

“Small, Dork and Handsome stands strong among Kaplan’s other releases, carrying all the delight ofVegan Mind Meld (2010) and Meat Robot (2013); however, what appears different is the heavy amount of growth and conviction that one year of honing your craft can do for an artist. This is not to say that his other releases were taken as subpar in any way, but the comedian’s undeniable development in such a brief amount of time is rather fascinating. In short, what I’m saying is the 2014 release is undoubtedly his strongest yet.”

– Mstarz

“One of my favorite aspects of Myq Kaplan is how utterly intelligent his material is, while at the same time possessing a delightful silliness to it.”

“Kaplan never falters, not even when he’s off and running on a seemingly silly tangent. There is always a greater plan in store, and before you know it, Kaplan’s brought you full circle, leaving you almost awestruck.”

– Under the Gun Review

“…more of the same smart, witty, word-play style jokes that make up Kaplan’s prior albums.”

“One of the greatest things about stand-up comedy is when a comedian really challenges you on a specific topic and makes you think. An “oh yeah” moment, coupled with intense laughter, is the best. An even better experience is when the bit is so compelling that you actually spend the next few days talking about it with your friends. Kaplan created one of those moments on this album.”

“Fans of smart, rapid-fire comedy will find a lot to enjoy in this album.”

– The Serious Comedy Site

“Kaplan moves from smart to dumb faster than any comic in America. Dense with puns, discursive musings and conceptual jokes, his act moves like a one-man screwball comedy in which his silly and brainy sides bicker… [and concludes with]… the most inspired Holocaust joke since ‘The Producers.’”

– The New York Times